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Smile please

September 2019



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Hmm 2

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Way Out

I couldn't quite decide which meaning to go with - but decided on this one (maybe because those who know me will know I collect gateways and doorways so would expect the other response and I'm feeling awkward today?)

Here is a piece of way out jewellery -

Tolkien 2012 bracelet


Oh, that's great! I didn't even think of that meaning for the prompt.
Thank you - and now it has given you two paths to take :)
I love this response and this piece, though how do you keep from ripping your clothes and your flesh when you wear it?
Thank you.

though how do you keep from ripping your clothes and your flesh when you wear it?

I don't know - but if I could have afforded it I'd have been willing to find out! (It was in an art exhibition.)
LOL! I thought it was yours, and I was very impressed.
I would love to own it.
The first thing I did with this was identify the items it was made from, then I thought, "Yeah, I could make that - no sweat," and I went on to look at it more closely once more. If you're ever in the mood to attempt to duplicate this, I carry all of the materials in my shop - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
I think it may be beyond my skills! The lady who did make it was very talented, there were a number of pieces of her jewellery on show at the Tolkien 2013 International Conference, which is where I saw this.
My goodness; what is it, a bracelet? It is pretty amazing and certainly way out there.
Yes - a bracelet. I would love to own it - but you would have to be very, very careful all the time if wearing it!
Wow, this is awesome! And it's also one of the awesome side-effects of this challenge that I often learn new meanings to terms I never heard about before, like this meaning of "way out". ;o)

Do you think people actually wear these things?
I saw it at the Tolkien 2012 conference, in the art section - and I can see there might e problems wearing it - but I would be so willing to give it a try!

Also glad to be able to add to your language knowledge - which is pretty awesome to start with.