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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


(Warning: architectural prompts are always dangerous with art historians, they might result in a lot of picspam... *ggg* )

This is how a wall might look after seven centuries of exposure to environmental impact:

Originally, it would have looked like the wall on the left side here: this is the courtyard side of the same castle, after and before renovation.

And both are details of 14th-century Château de Saumur in the Loire Valley:

Here is a collection of all kinds of typical wall decoratoins of 13th an d14th cenutry French architecture, at Château de Blois:

My particular favourite is the porcupine as heraldic animal.

The indoor wall decorations of the period weren't that bad either: details of a tapestry depicting hunting scenes... some happy dogs! :o)
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What brilliant responses to the prompt - the wall as it would have been when new, and as it is after seven centuries of wear is fascinating. I love the porcupine, too.
Spotting heraldic or other animals on architecture is a favourite of mine, but the porcupine is one of my favourites, too. I'm also fascinated by the choice - how did they come by any porcupines in the 14th century?
It must be so satisfying to do art or architecture restoration.
This would have been a dream job of mine!
Porcupine for the win! They're all great, but he's just too cute.

PS - I think my heraldic animal would be a sugar glider. :-)
Heh, that is a cool choice! :o)
The Château de Saumur looks like a real fairytale castle.
I love the dogs, although I suspect they are happy because that is blood falling in front of their faces? *g*
The porcupine is brilliant!
It does, doesn't it? Imagine seven-year-old me, going there for the first time - Saumur is the next large city to our tiny French twin town, and as my father was one of the twinship organisators we had lots of contact - and discovering the castle was just the one from an image I loved to pieces, and which symbolised anything fairy tale for me...

I also think the dogs are happy to get their share of the prey! Even if it's "just" blood.
What a wonderful response to the prompt.

- Erulisse (one L)