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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


You might wonder what this has to do with steps -


Unless you look closely - those pots climbing up in the corner are on an old set of steps now well tucked in with ivy!

And this is to make thismaz smile -I took this a few years ago -

Stairs down... Ramsey Queen's Prom.


Those steps are very well disguised now!
I have to keep cutting the ivy back or they would disappear altogether!
Very clever!
Thank you!
*laughs* Yes, exactly the same shot, of a different set of steps.

Those steps covered in ivy (in your back yard?), did they ever lead anywhere?
They are actually a set of old aluminium steps that had got wonky and didn't lock open properly any more, and I thought they would be nice to put plants on, and let the ivy just drape a little here and there... Although actually I quite like the way it has more or less overrun them.
They are actually a set of old aluminium steps
Oh, I can see that now that you point it out. What a clever idea. They look really good like that.
Great photos. I recall the 2nd one from BTME
Thank you - yes it has been well used already, that second one! I was still surprised to see it is about 5 years since I took it, though.
I love the hidden flower steps! :o) But the steps to the sea really get my storytelling mind going...
The sea steps were one of the prompts I posted for B2MEM - and there was one story written for it. But if you want to write a story fro them I would be very, very happy!
That's actually a great idea. None of my B2MeM stories have yet seen the light of the day...*blushes* But the plot bunnies are still hopping around, albeit a bit slow by now. ;o)
Great pics! Both sets of steps are wonderful!
Thank you. I rather like steps!