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Point & Back

Now something pointing back would have been perfect for these two... *g* I'll give you something pointing upward instead.

On that Danish island we're visiting so often, there is a castle with a large park, Tranekaer. There is an ongoing artist project, Tickon,  on the island, but mostly inside this park,  where artists create their artwork in tune with the nature they find, and in using materials already there. (I don't know if anything about the project is on the website; it was loading horribly slow right now to check everywhee.) This is my favourite object by far, called - no surprise there - unicorn. It's made from a dead tree still rooted in the ground, and is several metres high. This image is about 10 years old, so I don't know if it still exists - objects disintegrating through time and weather is part of the project.

My glasses lying on the back of a book (The Lord of the Rings in the beautiful red edition of the Carroux translation).

I managed to smash my compact camera a few weeks back by dropping it out of the window. It landed about 5m below on gravel and the corner of a concrete block, and as it was still in one piece, even if bent and dented and not looking well at all again I wanted to try if it still worked. It did, although the display was broken and the object motor as well. So this is the last pic I took with my faithful little Canon Ixus 7, beloved companion on many outings and trips!
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