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Song + Film Title

These took me quite some time to get an idea for. Now I'm quite nostalgic, as both have been integral parts of my teenage years...

"Sail away" by Rod Stewart, with hubby impersonating Rod Stewart. Or so. *g*
(Taking a short trip on a historic freight sailer in Denmark 2009)

Can you guess this one?

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
From age 16 on, I went to Christian holiday camps in the summer, where we had themed workshops in the mornings. One of the workshops (I think it was a break from a demanding two week's crash course through the Old Testament *g* )  our teacher read us first the book, with some of the songs in between, and in the evening we got to watch the movie. It's one of my most favourite movies ever, and the songs have accompanied me through all my life since then.
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