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Two storage sheds from an open-air museum in Norway, from the 14th and 12th century. Actually the right building is the oldest intact wooden house or house-like structure still existing in Europe, from the late 12th century.

These sheds often served a double function: the ground floor was used to store the supplise throughout the year for the farm, but the upper floor was also the parlour were guest were welcomed or served, contracts made, celebrations held on so on, and all valuables of the farmstead were kept there all the time. Living happened in a lower and sometimes much simpler house.

This also feels like "storage" for me, storage for thousands of tourists on a very limited space:

This is in Stavanger, and the first time I saw a cruiser close. I must say I found the size differences really overwhelming, between cruiser and harbour, how the many storeys towered over the buildings of the city, even those up on a hill, and what an impact the masses of people had on the city when they were walking around in herds ("groups" would be an understatement). We spent the whole day in the city more or less close to the harour, and met the masses everywhere; be it in guided tours that felt like tidal wave flushing trough the historic city, be it when they were called back on board and lines and lines of people went back to the ship like ants to their nest.... I've been ambivalent about ships of these sizes before, but this honestly shocked me.
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