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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


Some pics I took in Norway this summer (yes, there is a theme *g* )

The model of the inside of a pylon of a Norwegian oil rig in the North Sea (seen in the Petrol Museum in Stavanger). The pylons of these rigs are enormous, and it's totally fascinating what's inside.

(Sorry for the blurry shot, but I had to take the pics without flash to avoid reflection. )

Viking grave finds in the Archology Museum at Stavanger. The coins are all Roman and weren't used as currency as we know it, but simply for their weight and worth in gold.

This was my favourite:

An iron frying pan, from one of the Viking ship excavations which are exhibited a the Viking Ship Museum at Oslo.
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The Viking grave finds are so interesting! I love archaeology.
So do I! :O)
Love the iron pan!

The gold is beautiful. Are those gold ropes, in the foreground? Who would wear them, men or women, or both, and how?
I'm afraid I don't know for sure as this part of the exhibition wasn't labelled in such detail as the collection, and I also don't remember everything perfectly. (I'm usually photographing the labels if there's no guide book or catalogue on sale, but it was too dark and reflecting for helpful shots in there). But from what I know and remember these are necklaces and bracelets, and as far as I know they were worn by men and women - depending on their status. I own a Viking style silver "King's necklace", and when I bought it the silversmith explained to me that men wore these, and while they looked simple, the crafting of these chain links was so delicate that it made the piece very valuable. I do remember about these that they were very finely crafted.
I have to ask my husband if he remembers more about these in particular.
That is inspiring me to write a Vikings drabble, lol. Thanks for the great pics. It's so nice to have glimpse into another person's experiences.
Those are all lovely photos.
What an interesting selection of subjects. I really envy you living in Europe, where you have access to so many things of interest.
A Viking frying pan! How cool!
Thanks! :o)