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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Lock, Lady & Down

I have a lot to catch up with, although it's not as bad as I feared, or so... *whistles*

For lock, I give you Narvi and Celebrimbor, the masocts of the German Tolkien Society Smial of Mannheim - albeitwith a bit of lateral thinking:

Be it drarf Narvi's curly hair, which, in German, is called gelockt, or be it the unusual and fascinating lock - or way of locking, if you will - of the Doors of Durin, leading to the mines of Moria which were crafted by those two. The emblem of the Smial behind them shows the carving of the doors.

My take on lady fits not too bad to this, I thin, with these two modern-medieval ladies:

On this summer's trip to Norway, we passed an area where the temperaturs dropped down, even for the low average we were already having:

This is the drive throught the Haukelifjell, at about 1200m above sea level, and the temperatures about 6°C. The wintery remains - snow, ice floes and even water frozen solid - was left from the last winter, but not likely to thaw in this untypically cold summer.
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I love all of these shots, especially the ladies' medieval backpacks!
It's amazing what a good leather worker can do, isn't it? :D
Wonderful responses, all of them.
The air in that second one is so clear, it almost looks like they are standing in front of a painted backdrop.
And Narvi and Celebrimbor are very cute (although I suspect I wouldn't dare say that to their faces *g*)
I never noticed about the air, perhaps because I'm used to it; this is in our village. But I think it might rather be because the backdrop who looks to be directly behind the scene is really a lot farther away and further down, as this is on top of a slope of the highest hill of the area, and therefore the backdrop is a bit blue-tinted by the distance and maybe looks different that one would expect?
Crochet Narvi and Celebrimbor are used to being called cute, so no worries about htat. *lol*
Narvi and Celebrimbor are so cute!

So are your medieval ladies.

And that view down to the frozen lake, with temperatures well down on the norm, is both beautiful and clever!
Thanks! The lake itself wasn't actually frozen, just some puddles, but it really looks like it. It's one of my favourite pictures (but not the one I want to use for that prompt *g * ) with the pattern of thawing-or-not-snow on the dark ground.