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Lunch & Forgotten - Twofer

So, I'm out walking Addie (see New prompt), and I come across a (what I thought was a dead) bird, lying forgotten in the road. Addie thinks it's "lunch" and the poor thing promptly has another heart attack at seeing the big blond blob descend. I shooed Addie away and was able to pick up the poor girl and I processed to walk the rest of the block with this (I think it's a robin) in the palm of my hand. She was very calm the entire trip home, like she knew I was going to keep her safe. She's currently resting in my garage (she got away from me) tucked away in the overhang by the garage door. If I hear her moving around I'll open up the doors and let her fly free. Something tells me it might be a few days; I think she was clipped by a truck because she may have been flying too low...

 photo IMG_0243.jpg

Edit: She's all better and let back into the wild!
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