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Smile please

September 2019



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chamekke in photo_scavenger


Namely, the Last Post.

Commonwealth readers will know what the Last Post is (and I believe the American equivalent of the Last Post is called "Taps"?), but for everyone else, here's Wikipedia:

"In addition to its normal garrison use, the Last Post call had another function at the close of a day of battle. It signalled to those who were still out and wounded or separated that the fighting was done, and to follow the sound of the call to find safety and rest. Its use in Remembrance Day ceremonies in Commonwealth nations {...} is an implied summoning of the spirits of the Fallen to the cenotaph."

These photos were taken at our local cenotaph on Remembrance Day (a.k.a. Poppy Day, Veterans Day). Unfortunately the bugler was not in my line of sight, but these pics were taken during the playing of the Last Post and the two-minute silence that followed it, and for me they evoke the feeling I had in those moments. (Mods, please let me know if this disqualifies this post from entry; I do recognize you can't "see" the post in this post!)


Old man remembering
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What a brilliant response to the prompt.
Is that the Victoria Empress in the background?

I really like that second shot, in the context of the first.
Thank you!

And that is indeed the Victoria Empress, well spotted :-)

I've never been there, but my best friend has told me about afternoon tea at The Empress. When I eventually get to go and visit her, I am definitely going to try that *g*
Just a tip, if you can get your friend to make the reservation with The Empress, ask her to mention (when she phones) that she's local, and to ask if she can get the resident's discount. I can't remember what it is - 10% or maybe 15%? (it's been quite a few years since I had tea there) - but the one time I did this, they did indeed honour the discount (I re-mentioned it when the cheque arrived to be on the safe side ;-). It's basically to encourage local residents to bring in custom. This discount wasn't written anywhere AFAIK, I learned about it by word of mouth.

P.S. I just Googled, and there's now a free program called Friends of the Empress which allows BC residents to get 20% off various things, including afternoon tea. (I didn't even know about it until now!) But if your friend doesn't feel like signing up, you can still try the phone-call approach ;-)
Thanks. I think she knows about that, but I'll bear it in mind. Goodness knows when I'll get there, though *sigh*
That is truly a wonderful interpretation.

The last post is something we must never forget.
Thank you!
I think that is a wonderful response to the prompt - both as me and with my 'mod hat' on.

I especially like the second picture as it relates to the first.
I'm relieved to hear it's acceptable, excellent - and thank you.
That's a wonderful and creative idea for this prompt.
Thank you very much!
A good choice! Thanks for the explanation, too; as I'm neither Commonwealth nor American I wouldn't have known.