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Smile please

May 2018



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


For someone who lives in England and drives, seeing double yellow lines is not a happy site ... they are always where I need to stop!

However - they are parallel to each other, and the pavement curb, so a good sight for this challenge!

 photo DSC_0669_zps78s01lkb.jpg


A great choice indeed. I need to think of something for this prompt...
Oh - brilliant!
Thank you!!
Do they mean no parking?
Yes, absolutely no parking. We also have single yellow lines, which is also no parking, but at specific times, or on specific days.
Good response. And nice perspective.
Thanks - I actually thought about the angle this time, rather than just clicking!
Good choice! What do they mean? I've driven in the UK for a few weeks in 1988, but nearly only outside the cities, and I never knew that these lines meant.
Double yellow lines is a "no parking" area. We also have single yellow lines which are also no parking, but often at specific days or times. The double is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In rural areas they are around, but are often in obvious places, so if you are a courteous driver then you are usually OK!
Ah, thanks. But you said above "need to stop" -is that forbidden as well? We have a sign for it, but the one variety allows you to stop for 3min max without leaving the car (to let somebody get in or out), or put something into a mailbox, while the other variety forbids even that.
Yes, we can drop someone off, but it has to be a momentary pause, rather than an actual stop. No posting letters, etc.