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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


A couple of pictures I took today, in Castletown, with some nice parallel lines in them.

Castle Rushen



Oooh, nice!
Thank you. I had been thinking of something else but when I looked at these when I got home it occurred to me there were some unexpected parallel lines.
Nice use of the prompt.
Thank you! I'd been going to use something else - but when I put these onto the screen I realised the masts were all parallel - and then looked again at the castle, too.
The castle wall is amazing - so haphazard. Such complex shapes.

Nice to have a quiet day at the harbour after so many storms this winter?
The yacht on the right is unusual - rare to see three masts on what doesn't look like a large boat.
I like the play of light across the still water.
I did think I was pushing it a bit with the castle wall :) But the thing that catches the eye is the parallel lines in the middle of the haphazardness (is that a word?!).

It was lovely to see the harbour so calm. That yacht is a bit of a long term resident in Castletown harbour. I also took a picture more from the side of the harbour that shows her better. It is here on Flickr - she is an all metal yacht clearly originally quite fast, as she used to be called Javelin - but was renamed a few years ago to Albatross.... I think more in the 'around my neck' way than in a 'circumnavigating the globe' way, which is sad.
Yes, it is certainly a word. If not before, definitely now.

OMGoodness, she does need some TLC, doesn't she? Poor thing. She needs a good crew, but she could be made beautiful again.
Ooooh! I love these!

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you!
I love the colours and textures of the stone in the castle pic :-)
I love that bit of Castle Rushen - it's 'round the back' and you feel that when they have improved the appearance of the front of the castle -

this bit sort of grew organically!
I'm sure that when the castle was first built, before the stones weathered, it would all have looked much as the restored front now looks. But I rather prefer the authentic "round-the-back" look :-)
Those are lovely. I really like the reflections on the water in that second one.
Me too - including the colour of the water where the mixture of the blue sky and heavy cloud is reflected.
I love these two. They're great choices for the prompt, and both so very beautiful.
Thank you. It was a good day for photos, that day.