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*attempting to catch up....*

I'm sorry I've been quiet for so long! By now, it would be easer to just leave the older prompts be and start with the current one; but I've actually taken or chosen pics for most of the latest prompts, just never got around to post them. So here are a few from sometime last year...


A still mostly visibly cross on an ancinet tombstone at Roldal stave church in a mountain valley in Norway. The stone has sunk over the centuries, I suppose during thaw when the ground became soggy or so. There are two or three more of these sunken stones.


I've been to Hamburg last December. While waiting for my ICE at the main station, suddenly the destination board went blank - so no text at all. As these boards usually also announce a more or less considerable delay, it was somehow refreshing. No announcement, no delay - or so. *g*

Favourite Picture:

My favourites are many and vary, but this is one that's been on that list ever since I took it over a year ago.


A famous landmark in Sakskøbing, Lolland/Denmark. I've known this since my childhood, and they're repainting it in the same manner over and over again. And clearly, this is a girl, with her beautiful lips and rosy cheeks. *g*


This was as beautiful as it was scary, as the wild colours - rightfully - predicted very bad weather to come. But I've never seen a sky so vivid and colourful before or afterwards. It looks as if it's showing a whole landscape up there to me.
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