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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

*more catching up*


Once again a pic from that Danish island half my pics seem to come from; this time it's the beautiful winter sunset of last November with the silhouette of the mooring coast guard in front.


You can see this either as a cardboard box recycled as the perfect cat bed (at least according to your felines) or a used-up cat packed up for recycling... *lol* Clearly there is something energy-related going on here!


Something local for a choice, the view from my bathroom window last December.


Since it's nearly March again, this fits particularly well - for the Tolkien community event Back to Middle-earth Month held every march, I made a set of paperdolls depicting the twin sons of Elrond as children. I made them the old-fashioned way, firt drawing the dolls and then tracing their bodies on another sheet to make these clothing patterns which were later cut out. (In case you're interested, they're still available.)


One use of glass you don't see so often: the glass pyramid giving light to the subterannean foyer of the Louvre in Paris.


Loved the pics, especially the first one.

The Louvre photo made me smile and think of my travelling days.
Thanks! Travelling days - I'd love to hear about yours some day! :o) And I wish I had done more of this. I originally wanted to do a year of au pair, but then got a place at uni I took, and during the uni years I usually had a job during most of recess. I saw a lot, coming natural for an art historian, I believe, but I often think I should have planned my earning-money-and-travelling periods more sensibly. *g*
I wish I had done Erasmus - I loved doing Eurodyssee but by then it was too late to go on on the other programs. I was interested but I didn't fight hard enough to get in. I still have to go to Scandinavia some day and save up for Asia and Latin America when Tiago is a little older.
I wish I had done Erasmus - I loved doing Eurodyssee
I'm afraid you lost me here, I've no idea what you're talking about. ;o) But good luck for your travelling plans! We spend most of our holidays in Scandinavia, as you've certainly guessed by now, *g* it's really lovely. (Although I still haven't been to Stockholm ever, but I'm not that much of a big city fan anyway.)
Eramus is a program for kids to atend one or two semesters at a university in another country. I was from the first class in Environmental Engineering at my uni and the teacher responsible for running Erasmus on our side was not too keen in spending time and resources with us newcomers. I should have fought harder to find a place and do it.

Eurodysee is a program for short traineeships abroad. I was in Belgium for that and it was fantastic. I had done a lot of traveling before but actually living abroad was quite something. I had a lot of fun.

When I was a kid nobody talked about the au pair concept in Portugal. It's still not too popular, from what I gather, although I do know a woman who did that.

Anyway, I mentioned those because for a kid in the islands living abroad for sometime is the best way to maximize opportunities for traveling, since it's so expensive just getting out of here to Lisbon. When the time comes, I will be sure to give my full support to Tiago - hope he will love traveling!
Such a fun assortment. Recycled kitty may have some life left in him!
You men he would have just needed new batteries? Darn.

Ooh, I love the Naval ship against the sunset.

LOL'ing at your cat, obviously highly concerned with supporting energy conservation!
It's a variation of a pic I've taken several times now, as we've been there twice in autumn now. Last time it had been that three-mast barque, this time the coastal guard - I must say, they're doing something for their visitors! *g*
I really like all of them. The 'guard' one is lovely - and the glass one really unusual.
Thank you! :)
I enjoyed your pics. The sunset looks cold, we get them like that here in the winter. the cat comfortably arranged in the box is cute, the view from your bathroom window is quite something (how many people have a view like that?), the patterns are very interesting, and I love the glass pyramid in front of the the Louvre. The pyramid is on my wish list, but the older I get the less probable it becomes to hope that I will ever see it.
Thank you! It was really cold at this sunset; November in Denmark, with degrees just above freezing if I remember correctly.
Yes, I know how blessed I am with that view from our house! :D I once started a photo project of taking a pic from there every week - I just checked, it was already in 2011! I never went through with it, though, but I think I should start this again. A handful of the pics I took are here, but most I haven't ever posted.
The pyramid is beautiful, but to be honest, I don't think it's really worth a trip from the other side of the world. Not even from my place, which is about 600km from Paris. It's beautiful and fascinating, but it comes with the large downside of the gazillions of visitors and tourists you need to make your way through. You get pushed and accosted all the time, have to be super careful not to be robbed, and mostly can't walk around freely simply for the amount of people. When I lived in Paris I made good use of the late night openings of the Louvre, and as I lived close and had free entry I was there every week or so, so got to see everything that belongs to the pyramid without too many people around over time.
Thanks for the link. I enjoyed looking at your posts. It was really interesting to see the castle and surrounds in differing weather conditions. It really gave me a 'feel' of how it must be for you, living there.
The silhouette is lovely - such crisp lines against the light.
And the cat is really funny.
Freezing autumn/winter temperatures certainly have their advantage for the photographer! :D