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*more catching up*


Once again a pic from that Danish island half my pics seem to come from; this time it's the beautiful winter sunset of last November with the silhouette of the mooring coast guard in front.


You can see this either as a cardboard box recycled as the perfect cat bed (at least according to your felines) or a used-up cat packed up for recycling... *lol* Clearly there is something energy-related going on here!


Something local for a choice, the view from my bathroom window last December.


Since it's nearly March again, this fits particularly well - for the Tolkien community event Back to Middle-earth Month held every march, I made a set of paperdolls depicting the twin sons of Elrond as children. I made them the old-fashioned way, firt drawing the dolls and then tracing their bodies on another sheet to make these clothing patterns which were later cut out. (In case you're interested, they're still available.)


One use of glass you don't see so often: the glass pyramid giving light to the subterannean foyer of the Louvre in Paris.
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