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Catching up continued


Lots of delicious things on pretty plates, like the bowls handmade from my favourite potter... and also thinking around the corner for an ESL: in German,  plate also means "Tafel", which in turn can be a set table like this we had for my birthday breakfast last year.


Thinking around the corner again: we saw this private "yacht" during one of our stays on a small Danish Island. We both love ships and harbours and are going ship watching whenever possible, but this has been one of the most exotic sightings dure to its hometown, Nuuk / Godthåb. As most of my "harbour experience" happens around the Baltic sea, this was really special.


Staying with the birthday subject, my birthday bouquet this year. I got a set of near lenses which I tried immediately with them, and am really satisfied with the result.


I love spiderwebs (and don't mind spiders ;o) ), and try forever to take pics of them. It amazes me that they create such delicate marvels anew each time something destroys them, like here - the stone chain they're attached to moves in the wind, and the webs at this place never keep longer than a day.


The outside wall of a reconstructed iron age building in the open air iron age area Ullandshaug in Stavanger, Norway.
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