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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Sadly this bell doesn't ring any more -

Our bell

Although I'm told it was 'a pretty rubbish bell' by those who remember it being in the bell tower of the old St Andrew's church in Douglas.

This ring is mine!

365 week 45 Sunday


*g* That bell would give the Whitechapel foundry manager hope. He says bellcasting is the least effective capitalist industry, because your products last several centuries. But that's clearly rusted and gone - probably your salty air isn't kind to bells!
Yes - it didn't last as long as it should have done. The church the bell came from was built in 1832, but then 'upgraded' in 1867 - and demolished in 1988 or so, so the oldest the bell could have been when it was
last rung was 156, but it might well have been only 120 or so years old.
Goodness, brutti_ma_buoni, do you know Alan Hughes? What a small world!

Edited at 2016-03-19 11:04 pm (UTC)
Not that small - I just did the tour of the foundry a couple of years back. He was in an honest mood about the state of the market!
Your ring is so lovely!
Thank you - it was a birthday gift 6 years ago.
All the same, it looks like an impressive bell. Might make a nice paperweight for someone with a very big desk. Your ring is pretty.
Oddly enough the bell is actually in a block of offices but I'm not sure any of the desks are quite that big! The old church was mostly demolished (it was in poor repair) and a block of offices built on the site, retaining the spire as a corner of the new building. But the bell is no longer in the spire, but on show in the lobby, which is where I spotted it.

My ring was a 55th birthday gift from my husband, to replace the one he bought me when our daughter was born, which had got damaged. I am very fond of it.
Poor old unloved bell (but the cracked old sort which bellringers tend to refer to as "buckets" are, it's true, not pleasant to listen to).

My engagement ring is a bit like that, with stones set inside the ring rather than protruding. (Because, funnily enough, I didn't want a big stone that could end up digging into my hand while bellringing if the ring got twisted round!)
This one was bought as an eternity ring. S2C bought me one when D-d was born but, being me, I actually managed to break it, and this was a replacement bought for my birthday a few years ago.

My engagement ring is slightly different, but bought with similar thoughts to yours, as it is very flat and doesn't catch in things. In theory we were only allowed to wear wedding rings on the wards, and so often wore engagement rings on a chain around our necks, or pinned witg our watches, but S2C and I wanted to make sure it wouldn't catch if I accidentally left it on.
That bell does look pretty pitted. I doubt it would give a clear note *g*
The ring is very pretty, though.
Yes - the friend who mentioned it said the bell made a better ornament - and it is hardly all that ornamental!
Oh, what a great choice for this prompt! It's sorry not to hear the sound of the bell again, but nice that it has found a new place to be still cherished.
I also like the shot of your ring, well done! It's not easy to photograph things that reflect so much, is it?
I'm told the sound was not good.

It took me a while to get a good picture of the ring - it is actually sitting on a velvet scarf and I got so close it looks a bit like carpet!