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Smile please

May 2018



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


Two primary school gardens.
The first is a school I often pass on my way to work, full of the promise of spring at the moment.

But in spite of not being a good picture, the second is my favourite, because look what is in the middle of the garden -


A Flower Bed! That's brilliant!
Isn't it just; so clever.
What a lovely place. :)
It is, isn't it. And educational - the children work there and learn about growing stuff, because around here very few houses have gardens.
How lovely, and what nice answers to the prompt. I find it also awesome that primary schools have gardens, that's not something I know.
A lot of primary schools that have attached playing fields have carved out a corner to be a garden for the children to learn to grow things. Most houses around here only have concreted back yards.
I think it's a great idea, and while the primary schools I know are in areas where at least 50% of the kids live in detached houses with gardens, I'm sure most would benefit from such options, as people growing things themselves grow rarer and rarer. My nieces have/had projects of this kind with growing things in pots for "biology" lessons, and most primary school classes hereabouts have a few planters or boxes in the classroom where things are grown (herbs, mostly) which are used for community lunches, if possible. They have (thankfully) great, large playgrounds with awesome options, but changing something into a use not foreseen by the state education authority? We're in Germany, so this is near to impossible. *rolls eyes* The kids might get injured on something unexpected. Which would never happen on anything else in and around the school, of course. *rolls eyes more*