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September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This building was, for many years, the school for all the children who lived around the village od St Marks, here on the small island.

St Marks

The nearest end, with the large windows, was a bright, well lit, classroom with a large stove to keep both room and children warm; the far end was the schoolmaster's house.

The porch had pegs to hang up coats and bags. This is the plaque over the door -

St Marks

It tells you the building was a 'national school' built in 1815. Here is more information about the National School movement.


What a lovely school! I would have loved to go to such a special building - says she who did all hear learning in ugly concrete buildings of the 70s...
It educated all the children from 5 to 14 from the farming community around it until about 1945, when the older children began to go to another school a long walk and then a bus journey away - but it remained the school for the under 11's of the area until the late 1960s.

These days you can rent it through Air BnB!

I went to a small primary school in Wales at first, as we lived there for 2-3 years, but then came back to the island where this was my primary school - 100m from our house!

Then this was my secondary School.
How lovely that it has been turned into a BnB! :o)
I like both of your schools, they look rather nice to me, as brick always does. :o)
It looks lovely and homey. And not much of a commute for the teacher! - although presumably the accommodation went with the job, which would leave you rather tied to your employers...
It must have been a nice school to teach and learn in - those big windows would have kept it very bright as there are matching ones on the opposite side as well.

But yes - tied houses were very much the norm then - goodness knows where the school teachers lived when they retired. (Come to think of it, in Ramsey the original Grammar School was right next door to Mysore Cottages which were alms houses... )
What a lovely picture. That is a real classic - a very traditional village school. And right next to the church yard, too.
It is really traditional, isn't it? This one was in use up to the late 60s. The one in Mum's village backed onto the churchyard and stayed in use as an infant's school up until about 5 years ago - it was harder to get a good picture of though!