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Smile please

June 2018



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I couldn't decide between flower bed -

knot garden, Stratford

And people bed -

Room 334 Cedar Court Hotel - view 1

Which is why you have both!


They're both lovely!
Thank you - sadly not my garden and not my usual bed, but in a hotel where we celebrated out silver wedding anniversary.
Both are equally lovely.
The bed was in the hotel where we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary with a 'second honeymoon' - our own is usually a little less tidy!
The flower beds are beautifully colourful. Is the other picture from Coventry?
It was the room in the Cedar Court in York where we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary.
They each look very inviting, in quite different ways.

- Erulisse (one L)
They do, rather, don't they!
Beautiful flowers.
They are aren't they?

If I'd waited until after I'd been to Mum's yesterday I could have put a picture of the new edging I've just put on her rose bed. But it would have been less colourful as they aren't in flower yet.
Beautiful flowers.
Lovely choices, and lovey beds! I had wanted to ask, too, if this is your bed, and would have paled with envy of something made up so perfectly. *g* It's definitely a lovely hotel bed!
Thank you.

I've just remembered where I have a picture of our bed - it is lurking on Flickr. So - this is our actual bed, which you can see is a lot less perfect -

365 week 34 Sunday
It looks rather perfect to me! :D And certainly a lot more sophisticated and pretty than ours. Ours pales in comparison, and not only because it's mostly not even made (as usually somebody small and furry is sleeping in a duvet cave and mustn't be disturbed).