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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Somewhat cheerful

A young Barbary macaque having fun with observing how my zoom lens moved in and out and the shutters opened and closed. He was really fascinated and demonstrated various facial expressions in the process, fom curious, interested, fascinated, mischievous, to cheerful, and eventually also bored. *g* But he "sat" for me (or I for him?) for about fifteen minutes, so he's forgiven for eventually being bored by yet another tall two-legger.
It was also one of the most fascinating photography sessions I ever had with an animal.
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You were probably the most interesting entertainment he enjoyed that day! What a great pic, and experience for you.
Rather my camera with the interesting opening and closing of the shutter (or aperture?) he could see - there were dozens of people all the time which he didn't pay any heed before.
The macaques live there in a mostly natural way, in a large tree-covered area which is very close to their original habitat, and show a completely different behaviour than one is used to from zoos and such. In the area there are three large groups, and one of them, living away from the public paths, is fit to be returned to the wild, which occasionally happens to repopulate the areas where the endangered species still lives these days. All of the groups live in such a natural way that behavioural studies about their species are possible, and happen on a regular base.
I love watching animals in their natural surroundings, which is usually only possible through good documentaries, so this was a special treat. :D
What a wonderful picture!
Thanks! (And sorry for replying so late - just about noticed that I had forgotten to answer this one.)
What a wonderful encounter.
It was! I feel so lucky this happened.
What a really nice picture.
Thank you! :D