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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Here are the Jurby Mice building a bonfire -

Mice - bonfire night

And because shirebound posted a picture of her fire and it reminded me of mine, I have just turned the fire on and taken a picture of it as a comparison -


The fan heater part of ours is under the hood so is actually blown down at an angle of about 45 degrees, which is a bit different to shirebound's. But definitely the same principle.


That's a lovely heater. I can feel the warmth!
It is a very effective addition to the central heating in the winter!
You have fires already? *fans self* We're still waiting for early fall to make an appearance... it's quite tardy this year.
I wouldn't usually have switched it on at the moment - but it looks better lit - however I did only switch on the lighting not the heating part :)

Today was about 20C, wet this morning but nice this afternoon, so we didn't actually need it on today.
*laughs* The mice are fun.
Aren't they! I have pictures of the Jurby mice doing all sorts of odd things!
These mice are really the cutest of cute, and so well done! :D
Your fire looks comfy, too, particularly with the comforting axe at the side. *g*
Is it typical or frequent to have eletric or other kinds of "artificial" fire (meaning anything that is not actually logs or coals burning)? It's something I never encountered in German homes, as they either heat still by actual fire (often in the form of tiled stoves or "modern" coal furnaces (modern being something after WWII)), or by central heating (which is the most common form used), or, in the case of electric heating, storage heaters. In old-fashioned bathrooms radiant heaters might be used, or fan heaters for the quick additional warmth if necessary, but none of these have been comfy to use or look as pretty as such an electric fire.
I believe heating by electricity has been the most unpopular kind in Germany for the longest time (it's changing gradually due to modern heating options like thermal heat pumps and the availability of "clean" power by air and sun, and the fact that more and more people have photovoltaic installations on their roofs and/or solarthermics.) I imagine that has to do with the cost and availability of electric power vs. other sources, and remember well the admonitions when I was a child to save power all the time, turn off the lights, and in the case of electric heating sources, only use them if absolutely necessary.
Having a fire to look into is such a comfy thing, and one of the most important things for us when we built our house was to have an actual fireplace with a fire to watch.
That type of electric fire is quite common (hereare a few on Amazon). The heat is actually from a fan heater set into the hood part - the coal is real but doesn't get hot - the 'flames' are provided purely by a light. We have oil-fired central heating - but the fire comes in useful if we just want to warm the living room a little without putting the heating on - or, if it is a really cold day, it will enhance the heat in the living room without needing to turn the heating up.

Sometimes we just put the 'flame effect' on without the fan heater at all, just to make the room feel cosy in the evening!

We did have a coal fire in that fireplace but, having both spent childhoods in houses where the coal fire was the only source of heating, we were glad to not bother with coal, wood, clearing the ashes, and so on when we got in from work and the electric one looks fine and works more efficiently :)