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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


A rosehip, the fruit of the wild rose.

I don't know if all wild rose varieties are also called briar rose, or whether that is only the one with pink and white petals. Does anybody know?
This one has shocking pink flowers, bigger and blousier than the one I am thinking of.

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Those are beautiful. What do they taste like?
Rosehips are usually used dried for tea, or sometimes for jam in a mixture or on its own. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C, so particularly the tea has been an important staple for winter times in the pre-freezer era, and when fresh Vitamin C was hard to come by in winter. My paternal grandmother has kept the habit, and staying with her was inseparable with rosehip tea for dinner. I was allowed a little sugar, but it still was tart and sour in a delicious way.
The jam is rarely used just as a bread-spread, since it's so tart, but as filling for some baked goods, or as a mixed jam with sweeter fruits (peaches, for example). I love it but have never made it myself, since we never had a good source for the rosehips, and the peeling of them is tedious, annoying work due to the need to put out all the seeds. You can't do it well with gloves, but with your bare hands it's very uncomfortable as the seeds have fine itching hairs.

Edit to add that rosehips contain 20 times as much Vitamin C as lemons. I hadn't known it'so much!

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tart and sour in a delicious way... Sounds delicious! I love tart fruits.
As ysilme says, they are fiddly to clean. I have never eaten them, but I do remember being given teaspoons of rosehip syrup as a child. I remember it as being sweet, but with an odd undertaste; definitely medicine. I think it would taste better to an adult than to a child.
Does anybody know?
Wiki says it's only the one you describe, but perhaps this also changes with languages, as briar rose translates in various rose varieties, and in German, one among them is the one of your pic. I'm a big fan of wild roses, and yours is one of my absolute favourites. It's also "the" summer plant/flower for me, as it grows in abundance on the dunes and at the beaches of Denmark where I spent most of my childhood summers.
Your pic is very beautiful, it brings so many scents and memories back to me. :D
Wiki says it's only the one you describe
So it does. I have been thinking about it and I think we called all wild roses, briar roses when I was a child. What I can't remember is whether the ones around where I lived then were all the pink and white ones, or not *g*