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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


I have so many photos of flowers, so picking a couple was really difficult. In the end I went with poppies - this one, with a bee making its approach, was in the strip of wild flower meadow plants next to St Thomas' Church in the city.

While these were part of the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation that was split up and reinstalled in various places around the country after it was taken down from its original place at the Tower of London.


I love that bee approaching the tower blossom - so well done, too; I find red flowers, and particularly poppies, so difficult to shoot well.
That installation is really fascinating, too.
Thank you so much. I think I know what you mean - photos of poppies can come out looking flat, I've found.

The installation was part of the First World War centenary commemoration. At The Tower there was one poppy for each Commonwealth soldier who died in the war.
Great shots! It isn't easy to capture a busy bee at work.
Thank you. (I won't say how many photos I had with a fuzzy, black and yellow blob in the corner *g*)
Oh my goodness... I have my picture ready to post. You will see why my reaction was that if you give me five minutes!
*laughs* Yes, I've just seen. Great minds, eh.
Two great shots.
Thank you.
I love poppies - I've got some in my garden and take pictures of them every year despite the fact that they always look the same, they are so beautiful. And to have captured the bee as well in that pic, superb.

I saw the poppies in London but hadn't thought about how they would be displayed when they went round the country. It seems as though they have picked some unusual and stunning locations for them, so nice to see two of them on the comm.
I know what you mean - they are so bold, they invite photos. I have a lot, too, hence the lucky shot with the bee. Thanks.

The poppies must have been amazing in London. I was really glad to get a chance to see just a portion of them locally.