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Fruit & Vegetable

This was originally just my pick for "fruit", as in "the fruits of my labour", for I've schlepped quite a few watering cans to the plants which produced these. But as I'm so behind and the prompt "vegetable" came now up, too, I'm cheating and using this pic for both. :p

The hokkaido has a nice, average size, about the size of two or three of my fists. The tomato came as a big surprise, though. I bought my tomato plants at a local collector of tomato seeds, who grow and abundance of varieties. Since the conditions for tomatos at our garden are bad, I only take four and prefer cocktail varieties as large varieties don't ripen in our very varied summers. She gave me a fifth as a present, as she had gotten seeds without description, provided I accepted to not have an idea what to get. It's called "the oriental", and it produces HUGE fruits, as you can see. That one was the largest, but just by a margin - I made a complete tomato salad for two just out of that fruit, as it's also completely filled, without any water and nearly no seeds.
Incidently, the first half of our summer has been so cold that my cocktail tomatoes didn't really grow well, don't produce many fruits until today, and don't have the intense taste related to home-grown tomatoes. But that surprise plant, which also has to consent with living in a most adverse spot, produces one fruit after another (and always only one at a time)  - and they taste really good. By now, it has given easily doubly as much fruit in sheer weight as the other four plans together...
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