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Smile please

September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger


My alstroemeria last September - full of flowers and buds, it was gorgeous all summer and autumn.

Flower 01

Unfortunately this year it has been eaten by something, slugs or snails or some other garden beastie, and this is about all that's left - the rest of the pot is completely empty.

Flower 03

And something a bit more exotic from our holiday in Portugal - I haven't a clue what it is called, but I love how bird-like it looks!

Flower 02


Those alstroemeria are gorgeous! What a complex flower.
I think they are beautiful (I've got one in shades of red as well) and will certainly buy another if this one doesn't recover next year.
I think that last one is actually called a bird of paradise flower.
Ha! I knew what it was even though I didn't, obviously the person who named it thought the exact same thing.
How beautiful they are! Too bad about the slugs, though - we had lots of problems with them his year as well.

The plant below is indeed a "paradise flower", or botanically a Strelitzia, a South-african plant. We have a few of them in pots, raised from seeds, and after five years they now also produce flowers. A bit cumbersome to keep in German climate, though. ;o)
I love it when people know what plants and flowers are, I'm hopeless with names of things. I bet you're really pleased with and proud of your paradise flowers, a fantastic effort to nurture them over the years.
I'm happy for my husband when his botany experiments are fruitful - he likes to try what he can get away with in our climate. *g* The downside is that from autumn to spring, we're kind of living in a nursery/hothouse with all his darlings inside. ^^