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September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


Two shots of the hilly landscape I live in, taken from its highest elevation where also our village lies. The view is a bit limited due to the haze when I took the pics.

The rows in the front of the image are the local vineyards. Our house is actually about six houses to the left of those in the pic. Straight ahead is the "big forest", the largest forest of the area (which doesn't necessarily say much), but it contributes to the fact that this looks rather rural and quiet, whereas we're really in a rather densely-populated area in Germany. Just happen to be in one of it's nicest spots. (I'm not partial at all, of course. ;o) )
Turning three steps to the right, the scenery looks  a bit different: this is the major district town and my hometown, complete with newish and very posh football stadium.

And for completeness' sake, right behind me is this (though taken in the early spring a few years ago, but at the same place)
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It really does look very rural and quiet!
I forgot to mention that the autobahn runs through the valley, and as traffic is generally high there's always a lot of civilisation noise, even at night. But in relation to the rest of the area it's ok.
It looks like a lovely area!
It could be quieter, and I really miss untamed nature anywhere or not always meeting people, even if you go on a long walk into the forest. But otherwise, it's a great combination of small villages, not too large cities and good infrastructure.
The first view is lovely. It really does look peaceful.

The castle is impressive, too. How old is it?
The outer fortification wall is from the 12th century, the keep and the upper part of the inner wall 13th, both replacing older constructions. The outer wall used to be a single, twelve-angled one spiralling inwards towards the keep, but when the keep was erected it was separated. The keep is octogonal and considered the finest still existing in Germany.
Those really epitomise the phrase 'rolling hills' - what a lovely picture. Interesting to see them in context of the town, too.

Ans I like the castle picture - it gives a real feel of how it worked as a defensive structure.
It does, doesn't it? The place on top of that hill had mostly the function of a kind of watch tower, including the ability to give smoke signs to similar castles about 60km away each during the 13th century. If you're on the top on a clear day you can see Vosges mountains in the West and the mountain ranges of the Black forest to the South, and the farthest range on the first pic is already the one bordering the Rhine Valley at Heidelberg, about 30km away. Understanding how military defence works was always easy for the people growing up here! :)
It's amazing what a difference in direction makes. It does look beautiful with the hills and fields and forest.

I love the castle, especially the unusual shape.
Thank you!
I really like rural landscapes like this one.