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Smile please

September 2019



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Friendship - mucun

shirebound in photo_scavenger


A bit blurred, but I still felt lucky to get this shot.



What a fabulous picture!
I was excited to capture this little one.
What a great pic, and such luck that you got it! :D
Thanks! It really was lucky he stuck around long enough for me to get a shot.
Oh, fantastic photo! I haven't been able to get any photos of our hummingbirds... I need to do a bit of searching online for suggestions, because we have a lot of them around that come to our feeders (we're pretty sure there was at least one next in our palm tree this year) and they'll even come feed when we're standing right next to it (or even when we're holding it!).
It must be wonderful to have hummingbirds around so often. I was really happy to see one at a neighbor's feeder, and get this shot. Good luck to you!
We're lucky, we've got two types around here... one that migrates away in the winter and one that sticks around all year!

I've learned from experience, though, that hummingbirds really don't pay much attention to where they're flying. One day I went out to refill the backyard feeder and I was standing next to the hanger, with the feeder in my hand... when this hummingbird came zipping in, stopped exactly where the feeder should be and sort of paused and you could almost see the little wheels turning in its head "Hey, where's the feeder!" then it sort of looked over at me in surprise and "Hey, there's a human here!" and it zipped away. It happened a few more times with different birds (they were coming in from different directions, so I don't think it was the same one). They buzz quite loudly when they zip by!

They also make an almost electronic sounding chitter when they talk to each other (which they do quite a bit in the evenings).
when they talk to each other... I've never seen more than one at a time! I'd love to hear them talk.
How lovely!
Thanks! :)
What a wonderful photo.
Thank you. :)
Wow! That's better than mine ever are!
Oh my, thank you. And what a gorgeous icon!