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January 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


This smallish building used to have a single room inside, extending over both storeys: it was the former synagogue of a village in our neighbourhood.

The synagogue has been built in 1832 and 1833 and been used as such until 1907, and then as common hall, school, kindergarten and finally a residential house for several families. In 2004, it has been completely and very lovingly restored by a professional couple who now live there.
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Thank you for sharing that history.
I'm glad this one got bought and renovated; too many of the small or tiny ones in villages fall into disrepair because they're too small to be used as modern living spaces. But they're special because often they only still exist because they had been abandoned as places of worship long before the Third Reich and got spared for that reason. There also hasn't been much bombing in the rural areas in our part of the South.
That top room must be wonderful - so much light. I love the arches. As a building it has real harmony of design.
It has, hasn't it? It's still one single room extending over two storeys. For the original usage, wooden balconies must have existed around the sides for the women and children, and for later uses, these likely had been converted into a full flooring on the upper floor. But to my knowledge, the interior had been converted back to its original dimension, with modern balconies and open levels making the space usable without taking away that very special feeling of light and harmony. I'd love to live in such a place, too. :o)