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Smile please

October 2019



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Ivor the engine

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is our main transport for getting off-island;

Ben comes in 1

This is a heritage steam train - with a double decker bus behind it -



The containers on deck where what mislead me - the ferries I know who have containers showing on deck are the smaller ones without lower car decks. Not having so many cabins for the crossing duration makes sense, of course. I haven't used one of this kind yet, only crossings which took the night, or which were two hours at most; but I remember lounge seats on the ferry back when I crossed from Le Havre to Portsmouth in the late 80s.

Edit: Just found it: the tiniest ferry we ever used was the one to the Danish island Ærø: Søby ferry. The island has no bridge and only another ferry which isn't much larger; and the complete freight transport is also done by these. Watching how tightly the vehicles are stored and what actually fits on these is amazing.

Edited at 2016-12-03 10:30 am (UTC)
That is a sweet wee ferry.

I have crossed from Mallaig to Skye (a 40 minute or so crossing) on Coruisk - I was amazed that they can actually get a coach onto her - although only in one particular spot.

But the angles between Skye and the Scottish mainland are such that there is a much shorter ferry crossing - and I reckon I can beat your smallest ferry by a bit - if you go to the last picture in this post you will see the Glenelg ferry that I also travelled on between Skye and the Scottish mainland - four cars and it's full!