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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


One of the loveliest ways I've experienced transport so far:

This is the Mjølnir, a small transport vessel from the late 19hth/early 20th century, used by the farmers of the Danish South Sea (the larger area between the south Danish islands Langeland, Funen and Ærø) to transport produce and animals to and from islands and islets. Today she's offering leisure trips around Ærø, which we did on this evening. I particularly loved that wile under sail there was no modern metal-mechanical sound to be heard, as you do on modern sailboats, just the creaking of timber and the flapping sound of canvas sails.


What an interesting way to sail.

I can imagine the peace without the metallic chinking sound.

Talking of which, you can tell I was brought up by the sea and my husband wasn't - last winter we were here beside the boat marina at Peel on a windy day and S2C says "What on Earth is that noise?"

I'm all "What noise?"

He is treating me as if I am stupid because I can't hear whatever it is - and then I realise he means the sound of all the metal bits of the rigging of about 50 small vessels chinging.

It was so much a normal sound for me that it hadn't occurred to me that he didn't know what it was, and I was trying to hear something else!
Eep, I totally missed this, sorry!
Moving on water without motorised sounds is indeed lovely. I've always loved rowing or canooing for that, but sailing in this way was so much better.
I can totally see how that dialogue came to be! :D I didn't grow up by the sea, but this wouldn't qualify as noise for me either; but a favourite sound making me feel at home.
I don't know why this is, but I've always been drawn extremely towards the sea or anything maritime; and a year where I can't travel to see the sea at least shortly is a bad year for me.
Ohhhh, what a lovely way to travel.
Thanks! :D
This looks so peaceful, so lovely.

- Erulisse (one L)
It really was! Thank you.
That is a really nice picture - very balanced composition. It looks like a really interesting boat, too. I know what you mean about modern boats - the halyards hitting the mast make an ever present metallic sound.
This is her under full sail. I couldn't find any info in English about her, though. She's a freight sailer (sorry, my maritime English has become horribly rusty) built in 1922 in Ristinge on the neighbouring island Langeland, used for freight transport between the islands of the South Funen Archipelago (short article, map), relatively small and flat-bottomend as many harbours served were rather small.
That sounds such a lovely trip to make. I went out on Sydney harbour at evening once years ago, and like you I found the lack of sound was wonderful.
Thank you. I can imagine this was a lovely experience!