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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Hard and Article

I didn't find these two prompt particularly easy and my eventual choices are not pretty pictures.

These young men have hard lives. As long as they do not beg, the police mostly leave them alone. And people do buy them food and give them coins, but they all look gaunt and bone weary.

I saw this article in the Radio Times a few months ago and photographed it because I didn't know these numbers and I wanted to keep it, but I don't have a scrapbook.


These both make me even sadder than I already was.
:( I'm sorry *hugs you*
There are a great many homeless folks in my town. Although it might be easier for them to live in a place that doesn't get very cold or wet, still, it's a hard, hard life.
It is indeed.
Poor lad.

And the article is really interesting.
He is sitting outside a Greggs, which is one of the better pitches, but yes, poor lad.
I agree, the prompts weren't easy. I really like your choices, they answer the prompts very well, and are important subjects to be brought into focus.

The armed police facts are very interesting, too: some weeks ago, I discussed the subject with my husband after one of last current instances of armed police issues in the U.S., and we looked up facts about arms usage of German police. I don't remember the figures exactly, but the ratio of officers, operations, arms usage and shootings is roughly comparable, if I remember right. I find it very comforting that it's actually possible, in more than one country, to have a well-working, efficient law enforcement who can operate on minimal firearm usage.
No, not easy prompts and not pretty pictures, but as you say, important subjects, both of them.
I am impressed that Germany, with its fire-armed police force, manages to exercise such restraint.