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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


I went to the dictionary for other meanings of "bag", and found bag as in booty, haul etc; so this seems fitting.
Each time we visit our favourite Danish island, we make a trip to a certain pebble beach where the chance of finding adder stones is very large. It's kind of a secret sport on the island to go adder stone hunting there, and you usually see one or two people around carrying bags and looking at the ground. We also bring about half a cloth bag of adder stones home with us every time.
This is my husband's first find, with a well-visible hole in it!

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How many did you find this time?
I never count them; half a cotton shopping bag full. About 20 or 30, I'd guess, including two tiny ones and three about fist-sized.
Treasure hunting is such fun!
It is! :D
I'd never heard the term 'adder stones'. That's really interesting.
We only ever knew these stones by "hole stones", going by the literal translation; I suppose because the term in Danish translated into German meant that. In German, they're called "chicken gods" which sounds fun but absurd to me; has something to do with hanging one inside the chicken coop to prevent bad gods or sickness or whatever. Wikipedia has some interesting facts, although they omit Denmark as founding place; to my knowledge, there are more and also larger adder stones to be found on the Danish Baltic sea coasts - at least in places like the one we visited. I have even two or three stones of the size of a small football which we valiantly lugged home, but these we found on other Danish beaches. I've started to collect the occasional picture I take of our souvenirs here if you're interested.
I just went and looked. Nice. The hanging ones make an unusual and interesting display. Are they threaded on fishing line? But I really like the arrangements in the flower pots, too.
What an interesting looking stone!

- Erulisse (one L)
Isn't it just?