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Smile please

January 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger


Some preserves I made to give away at Christmas, together with a lot of other preserves I made in autumn, trying out the new-to-me preserving with a canning pot. I'm in love with those spiffy labels: I learned that you can just print or write them on regular paper and glue them on with milk, it works perfectly. :)


Those would make wonderful presents!
I hope the recipient liked them! :)
Those look like really good presents to get.

It has been a year for good chutney gifts - I got quite a few, and all were very welcome!
Yum, that sounds delicious! I'm going to make one or two other varieties next year, too, since my sister now is an eager recipient: she started to eat and cook mostly Ayurvedan dishes, and for lunch often just has a bit of leftover rice or curry to heat up, and she said she'd be grateful for homemade varieties. I just have to experiment with recipes low on sugar, as she wants to cut the sugar as much as possible, too.
They look delicious!
They do look good. I could eat that with cheese, or to cook with.
Glue them on with milk? What a clever idea.
I mostly eat them on buttered bread, or on top of thin slices of smoked tofu (I can't eat cheese), or as a condiment for rice pilaws.
My mother remembered that her grandma used to use this method, too. I mostly like about that the labels come off so easily, as I reuse all the glasses and am grateful for each label that agrees to let go. *g*