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September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


I was going to go with another photo from my UK trip because we saw so much "History" when we were there, from Stonehenge to The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Bath, and Windsor Castle, but in browsing through those photos I came across ones I took several years ago of the tiny old church down the road from my house. While this church doesn't have much history by European standards, for Brisbane, it is very old...in fact, according to the plaque that is posted in the grounds, it was probably one of the first of its kind in Queensland.

 photo 002-4.jpg

 photo 001-3.jpg


Oh, very cool! And I do love that it's of something near you...
Thank you, I am glad I decided to go with something local.
I love the "Shire Council" wording at the bottom of the sign. I always feel a thrill when I see the word Shire. :)
LOL You would love it here then, all our "local" electorates are called Shires.
'History' is a relative thing. And that is a very attractive building. Is it on stilts for protection from pests, do you think?
Queenslander style houses/buildings were placed on stumps for a few reasons, the main one being to help keep them cool by allowing air to flow under the floor, but it also helped in times of heavy rain (which we get a lot of in summer) and to some extent I suppose it would have helped keep snakes etc out.
That is really interesting - for me a lot more interesting than if you had posted something from the UK, of course :)
LOL All things are relative, of course.

For me, even though we saw things that were older, the greatest sense of 'history' I got on my trip was in Westminster Abbey seeing the huge stone steps worn down in the centre by a 1000 years of footsteps.
Ooh, Primitive Methodists... takes me back to my early years indexing. Methodists create a lot of archives, let's say.

But it is a fascinating picture and information board, thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
This is a great choice! :D
Thank you.
That is SO Qld. isn't it.
LOL Just a little.