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I had waaaay too many things to choose from for this one, but narrowed it down quickly by deciding to go with something in the US (even though that means it'll be much more recent history), finally hitting on this photo that I took last February while down visiting my mom in Nevada... although the location in question is in California, on the way to Death Valley.

This is part of Dublin Gulch, which is actually near Shoshone, CA and not too far from Death Valley. Back around the turn of the last century, miners arrived in the area and carved homes for themselves out of the small cliffs they found. The doors there currently were added more recently by the state in an effort to keep people out... the original ones would likely have either been cloth or wood. The homes were generally one room and were heated by fireplaces (you can still see the pipes that served as chimneys sticking out the top of the cliff).

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