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Present, End, Weird and History

Catching up after a rather busy time.

For 'Present', I could have reposted my post for 'Bags' since that was a picture of all the Christmas presents I had bought for family this year. But that would be cheating, so instead have a picture of Coventry Cathedral's Angel of Agony in the Gethsemane Chapel, presenting the chalice.

The other three are under the cut.

For 'End', I picked a literal representation of the phrase 'End of the road' *g*

'Weird' takes me back to Coventry and the wander around the city I took one day, while attending writerconuk because this machine is wonderfully weird.

And finally, the site on which Tynemouth Castle and Priory sit is a complete muddle of history, with its medieval ruins, Georgian and Victorian graveyard, First World War gun emplacement and 1960's Coastguard station.

So that's me up-to-date again. Phew!
Tags: end, history, present, thismaz, weird

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