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Smile please

September 2019



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Doors Within Doors

fenchurche in photo_scavenger

Up and Down

I took this photo of Gateway Arch on my phone last year on my very first visit to St. Louis, Missouri. We visited the top of the Arch and did, in fact, go up one side and down the other (in the funkiest elevators I've ever ridden).


Wow, that's an impressive perspective.
It must be a fantastic view from the top.
This was the view from the top, looking out over the city:

Wow! Really impressive. The sheer hight of the arch is clear from the view.
You're right about the funkiness of that tiny, shared elevator. I suffer from claustrophobia and hate heights, so this was a real challenge.
I was really glad there were only four of us on the way up... and just Rackham and me on the way down, or it may have gotten to me, too!
what an intriguing monument.. space age and artistically unique among world class monuments! like the arch de triumph! is there really an elevator inside?

Yep! And it's set up to always stay upright inside the elevator cabin, but goes around the curves. The elevators are really tiny, with seats in them and you actually go diagonally for quite a bit of the ride. There are a few videos out on YouTube of the ride... it was definitely an experience!
the view must be spectacular!

like riding the ferris wheel, but better
No view on the ride up, since it's inside the arch (well, I found the view of the inner construction to be rather interesting, but not exactly picturesque), but the view from the top was incredible!
right, i guess that's where the structural support mostly is..
*gasp* I would be so nervous up there!
That is a beautiful picture.

Oddly I saw the arch on TV last night; Michael Portillo, who makes programmes about train journeys and the history of the places they connect, was in St Louis and went up to the top. He took the elevator up too, of course - he said it was like a very strange railway!
It really is! The cars are really tiny and have seats in them and you go diagonally for a chunk of the ride.