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Smile please

September 2019



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D-d does glam 2

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This picture shows part of a very regular routine for our family. Daughter-dear (see icon) went back from the island to the British Mainland today, returning to college. It has been part of our routine for the past four years, and she found it harder to leave everyone here than usual this year. The routine of packing everything up, putting it into her little car, a three and a half hour sea trip, and a three hour drive to her 'second home' marks the end of summer for us.

Here are the first of the bags and boxes beginning to fill the hallway.

Packing to leave home... again.


Our daughter packed up and left tonight to spend a long holiday weekend with her friend in KC. She has an interview with a promising practice. The beginning of your daughter's work career will bring her home; the beginning of our daughter's work career will take her several hours away. I'm resigned to this. I'm even relieved that the job is in KC. I feel more comfortable knowing that she will have her brother only a short drive away.
I was pleasantly surprised that she was determined to come home - I had feared that she would want to stay on the UK mainland.

When I left home to go to college and then into my first job I was 18 - I Think now that my mother must have, like you now, been relieved that I had family close by. (In my case my older cousin, but we had always been close when I was a child.)

I do hope Bojoette is successful in her interview - I'll have my fingers crossed.
that MUST be hard!
It is - but it is part of life for many island families and we brought her up to expect that she would have to go to the mainland when she was 18.

Still tugs at the heart strings, though.