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Smile please

September 2019



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chamekke in photo_scavenger


"Middle" is a challenging prompt, and I had to dig a bit... but here goes, with a couple of seaside pics.

First, a shot of people strolling along the Ogden Point breakwater in Victoria, British Columbia, shortly before the powers that be added a railing to it. The walkers look like they're floating in the middle of 2 parallel landscapes. The upper one is "real" (a view of the Olympic Mountains in neighbouring Washington state), while the lower one shows a detail of the Na'Tsa'Maht (Unity Wall) mural by local artists of the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.

And a 5-year-old photo of Damien Hirst's (in)famous statue Verity. This fully-naked, half-flayed pregnant woman stands 66.4 feet tall at the entrance of Ilfracombe harbour. Thanks to the temporary presence of the annual Ilfracombe fair (and a little trompe-l'oeil), it looks like she's emerging from the middle of a teacup!



Such clever choices! Thank you for sharing these.
Thank you! Glad you liked them.
The first shot is really interesting - it looks like two separate pictures joined together.

The second made me laugh for its incongruity.
The first shot is really interesting - it looks like two separate pictures joined together.

I know, right? Here's a second shot that gives more context (sort of):

And another pic - not mine (it's from the TripAdvisor site) - showing the breakwater after the railing was added, although from another angle:

Thanks, that does give more context.
I think it is the amazing Olympic Mountains floating over the clouds that makes the scene look slightly unreal, as much as the hard line of the breakwater and the painting below.

I think I would be nervous walking to the end of the breakwater, without the railings *g*
I really like both of those in their slightly different ways.