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Smile please

January 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


It's not easy to represent 'noise' visually, although others have posted some really good responses to this prompt. Unfortunately, I seem to prefer to take peaceful pictures.

But I went looking through my folders, searching for inspiration, and eventually came across the photos I took when I visited the university art students' honours show a couple of years ago. I think this painting is as close to a visual representation of violent noise as you could get.

And from the same show, gentler visual noise. This seems to me to be more like a pitter-pattering sound.

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These are both amazing choices!

Thank you.
I like the bottom one. Did the projection move?
I liked that one too. It was so painstakingly constructed. It wasn't a projection, but suspended on treads from a thread grid that extended across the whole ceiling(the photos get bigger with a click)

That is really fantastic - I think I would have wanted to just sit and look at it for a log time.
It was quite mesmerising, in a very peaceful way.
So clever! I can "see" the noise perfectly.
Thank you very much. I am really glad it worked for you, too.
Now I am really pleased that this was the prompt this week, to give us a chance to see those pictures! And yes they do, indeed, invoke a sense of sound.
I am glad you enjoyed.
I have posted a few more in reply to Kazzy's question, if you are interested.
Interesting choices. About the best one can hope for with "noise" is to show a picture of something that makes noise, or looks like it is loud? Congrats on finding a visual for it.
Thank you.