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Did you think I died? Just not getting to the prompts quickly. Had this one picked out (I had three for it, actually, but not going to push my luck) early in the week, but PB was having "problems" which they seem to have only sort of solved. But at least I was able to get to my account and eventually copy the link for this picture. This is a big cannon (It's name is Big Something I Forget) from the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. I am assured that it made a very loud noise when it was functional.

cannon photo IMG_2363_zpsrzzwwe26.jpg

Okay, I was able to load one more. This is from the same trip - a sign on the pier where we stopped for lunch on our boat ride up the Dolphin Coast. I'm assuming by "no bombing" they mean cannonball-type jumping off the pier, but one never knows. They could be talking about things that would make loud noises. :)

 photo IMG_2667_zpsaszuh3vk.jpg
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