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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


You might wonder about this -

October 30th

The day I took that my husband and I were walking along the side of that harbour in Peel when he said to me "What on earth is that noise?" I paused listened, then said "What noise?" "That loud noise!"

I was genuinely puzzled - was he hearing things or had I gone suddenly deaf? Then he tried to describe 'the noise' and I had one of those 'how can you not have known?' moments.

The noise was a metallic chinking as if there were hundreds of small wind chimes somewhere close at hand. I had heard it, but only in the same way as I heard the sound of the sea and the wind.

The noise was the sound of the metal clips, cleats, and rings of the yachts' rigging being blown against each other and against the metal masts; a sound so much a part of a harbour that I don't notice it at all! Somehow, despite living on an island for nearly 30 years, he had never noticed it before. Actually it is a lovely, musical sound when you stop to listen to it!

And a more traditional noise -

December 10th


What a great description of the subtle music of a dock.
Thank you! I love the sound of the rigging and Peel is especially nice as it has that area especially for yachts.
That is such a ubiquitous sound anywhere near sailing boats, isn't it. But I have found that if you suddenly become aware of it and can't get away... it can become so irritating *g*

The firework photo is amazing.
That's the point where it becomes 'noise' rather than background sound!

And thank you - there are fireworks set off just behind our house as part of the village Christmas parade every year so I get a good opportunity for fireworks pictures if it isn't too wet or windy.
I know that rigging-in-the-breeze noise exactly, I can picture it in my mind's ear (IYSWIM). What a lovely sunny photo - needed today where on the Bigger Island it is dreary, raw and snowing!