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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is a genuine, spendable, coin - it is a Manx crown dated 1979, and so worth 25p as actual money - although I think now I could sell it for about £10.00 or so.

Note the word millennium - it is celebrating not the beginning of the 21st century, but the 1,000 year anniversary of our parliament, the Tynwald.

millennium crown


You must be the only folks to adorn coins with motorcycles! How delightful.
We have a number of different coins with otorbikes on - I must look out for some of them and take a picture.

Also - Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day.
Thank you! :)


oops! see next post building

Re: money

I saw - money - hurrah!
Good choice! If you tried to spend it, would a shop keeper recognise it as legal tender?

(I laughed when Theresa May said the UK parliament was the oldest in the world, last week. I know of at least 2, maybe 3 that are older, I thought *g*)
I'm not sure, but I think if I was insisting it was worth 25p they might well be happy to take it on-island; it wouldn't be legal tender in the UK though.

Yes - Theresa May doesn't quite have a full grasp of parliamentary history, does she!

Our previous First Minister would have sent a message to her, publicly, to point it out,(When the UK government showed us on a map of the United Kingdom, better together, before the Scottish referendum there was an official Manx Government tweet asking for the map to be corrected....) but I'm not sure the current one does that sort of thing - he has less personality.
The story behind the coin is most interesting.
Than you!
This is totally cool for me, I love special coins like these.
We have our own money, although we happily accept English, Scottish and Northern Irish coins and notes. We'd take Welsh stuff too if they had it!

And the beauty of it is the ability to issue special coins like this - over the years there have been quite a few.