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Smile please

September 2019



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It seems to me that 'stuff' has to be things that can't be counted. Quantities of things, rather than a collection of things. So I was walking through the university at lunch time one day this week and I saw a clear cylinder on a stand full of stuff. It turned out to be an art work and was called 'Academic Waste' according to the rather rain damaged label on the ground next to it. The waste in question was paper from one of the departments (the English department, I think). I walked on and found another, this time full of broken glassware from the School of Chemistry. Later still I found one full of metal turnings from the School of Mechanical Engineering. By this time I was glad I had photographed the first two. So here they are:-

There may be more elsewhere on campus, but I didn't see them.
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What a neat art installation - thank you so much for bringing it to a wider audience -i.e. me!
You are very welcome.
What a cool concept.
It is kind of neat, isn't it.
What a unique idea for displays!
Yeah, I liked it, too.
This is a fascinating art project. I love the entire concept!

- Erulisse (one L)
It is good that it scattered around the campus, so you just discover them in a random way.
That's an interesting art object, a clever idea! I really like it for this prompt.
(And eep, I didn't realise 'stuff' goes by this definition, I have learned it all wrong then and also used it wrongly in my own contribution.)
Yes, I thought it was an imaginative concept.
I don't think stuff has to fit that definition; it just seemed right to me at the time.