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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: Ugly, Crafts, Tree, and Chocolate

I knew I'd fallen behind, but not how badly.... so here are some catching-up posts again.


Display in a Dansih supermarket: what a fun idea! :D


One of my favourite pics ever. On the Danish island we're visiting so often,there's an ongoing art project: former transformer towers have been converted into small art showcases, where the door-sized ground floor "room" is used by various artists to showcase a specially-made object or installation. I forgot the title of this one, but the feeling conveyed is easily understandable. *g*. At the bottom, there's also a bookcrossing book placed by me for the next visitor.


A collection of some favourite crafts: the teapot handmade by my favourite potter and very much in use, a pair of socks knit by me in the background, *g*, a small sculpture of a cat a friend gave me in memory of late Skrållan, and a candle I made from old candle scraps. Oh, and the dish it's standing on is a hand-enameled one my late grandmother once had been gifted by a friend.


Quite a special tree we saw last autumn on a Danish island: a willow which must have split at some point, without the lower parts breaking off. We couldn't get any closer as this was on a pasture, and it's difficult to tell without the leaves, but it looked quite like the separation had happened some time ago, but these parts were still alive.


Those are wonderful! And I'd love to see how that tree is doing in 10 or 20 years. :)

*craving a Snickers now*
So do I! I'm certainly going to look for it when we're visiting the island in the future.
I do like the idea of the bookcrossing project.

And I really like those socks.

I wonder if that tree was originally coppiced.
Thank you!
I thought so as well at first, about the tree, but my husband says it's a natural kind of growth on such near moor-like grounds, although somewhat bowed through the continual wind. It's not visible at the pic, but the location is at the southernmost end of an island and only a few hundred yards from the sea on two sides. Willows also aren't usually coppiced in these areas, although they have extencive coppices close-by; but they consist of beeches, birches, and I think a kind of elm or ash.
Bookcrossing is awesome. I particularly like the gift-giving and exchange-culture aspects of it.
Those are all fascinating in different ways. I do love the Snickers bars - and the socks!
Thanks! The socks are just plain regular ones, but we have a brand of sock wool with awesome colour mixes, making the stripes just happen by themselves. Unlike the ones in the icon pic which had been a pest to knit. *g*

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