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Catching up: Ugly, Crafts, Tree, and Chocolate

I knew I'd fallen behind, but not how badly.... so here are some catching-up posts again.


Display in a Dansih supermarket: what a fun idea! :D


One of my favourite pics ever. On the Danish island we're visiting so often,there's an ongoing art project: former transformer towers have been converted into small art showcases, where the door-sized ground floor "room" is used by various artists to showcase a specially-made object or installation. I forgot the title of this one, but the feeling conveyed is easily understandable. *g*. At the bottom, there's also a bookcrossing book placed by me for the next visitor.


A collection of some favourite crafts: the teapot handmade by my favourite potter and very much in use, a pair of socks knit by me in the background, *g*, a small sculpture of a cat a friend gave me in memory of late Skrållan, and a candle I made from old candle scraps. Oh, and the dish it's standing on is a hand-enameled one my late grandmother once had been gifted by a friend.


Quite a special tree we saw last autumn on a Danish island: a willow which must have split at some point, without the lower parts breaking off. We couldn't get any closer as this was on a pasture, and it's difficult to tell without the leaves, but it looked quite like the separation had happened some time ago, but these parts were still alive.
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