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Catching up: Money, Building, Pause, Visitor

More catching up. The first is not in the chronological order of the prompts, but as it's linked to "pause" I'd wanted to put it here.


We've been to a nursery some time ago, where a beautiful Siberian Forest Cat kept watch over the visiting clients, making sure nobody stepped on beds or so. *g*


In the same nursery, the resident old male taking a well-earned break on some creeping phlox. We don't know about his job there, though.


These are a collector's item on the local Christmas Fair; small ceramic building tealights to recreate a pre-industrial village. They look very pretty when lit, although my mother-in-law whose display this is just keeps them all year round without any lights.


Searching for a not-coin-or-bill-related pic I came across this one: the display of veggie breadspreads at one of our supermarkets, taken as a reminder which ones are to be had where. And since the price tag is below them, I'll hope they'll do well for the prompt. ;o)
Tags: building, money, pause, visitor, ysilme

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