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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: Mail, Garden, and Stuff


Part of our decorative garden (or what goes for decorative in our very natural garden): the "blue" bed, as there's a blue hydrangaea waiting to be planted in the middle, with the other shrubs being white or blue, too (nothing of which is already or still in bloom when I took the pic). I chose this for stuff because at the moment, there's all kind of stuff standing around: some pots waiting to be planted elsewhere, lanterns on flat stones and small cat toy figures for  the two furries we had to give a late resting place this spring, and a dead branch in the middle placed there to protect the grave for the cat we lost last summer. Back then, the bed was still unplanted. The metal pole in the middle is a decorative, hand-smithed rod with a spiral on top, with a blue heart hanging from it. (We're lighting a candle for the first night a small soul is gone). In the background, Mattis is enjoying the view from his "cat sofa", a dry piece of wood he loves to lounge on.


My first bottle tower, growing flat leaf and curly parsley and dill (in front of the yet unplanted bed). I'm experimenting with things like container gardening, underground irrigiation and such stuff since a couple of years, and the idea of bottle towers looked rather practical: I aim at saving water, although the main motivation is making it hard for slugs to self-serve. So far, this worked perfectly, without any additional means.


This one took me some time. I finally decided upon this pic of my Christmas letter to a very dear friend in Malaysia, containing of a Christmas card, a letter, and this hand-made star ornament.


How nice to have a biggish garden. The bottle tower looks like and interesting idea.
the star ornament is very pretty.
Our garden is indeed nicely large, although to us, it feels rather small, considering what we'd like to to. Hubby wants a greenhouse and a large pond, I'd love to have much more space for veggie and perennial beds... *g* But from the viewpoint of the work needing to be done, it's already more than enough!
The bottle tower experiment goes really well so far. We had a few horribly hot days, but the herbs there didn't need more water than usual, and I've also no slug damage yet. I'm frequently harvesting about a fifth of each plant, leaving the stems of the parsley. This looks a bit unkempt as the stems then go yellow, but it also encourages additional growth. So far, I've got already more of each parsley plant than I ever got from a regularly planted one.
I hope the blue garden becomes a beautiful, but cat friendly, spot to remember the ones buried there.

The bottle tower looks fascinating - I have never seen one like that before - and anything that keeps the slugs at bay has got to be a very good thing!
Unfortunately, we both managed to completely forget the soil requirements for blue hydrangeas for the intended blue one on that bed. *facepalm* Usually, we would dig out a large enough hole, fill it with rhododenron soil and replace the outer areas of that after a few years. But since we recenly buried tow more felines there, we can't dig deeply enough for that for the foreseeable future. But we've also a wild hydrangea needing a new place as it's living too close to the red currant bush, dealing well with the regular soil, which is now going to be moved there, while the blue one will move into a tub for the time being. I'm going to make another underground irrigation experiment with her, using this time a proper clay container. Depending on how well that goes we might even keep her in a tub, or enlargen the bed with a nice spot for her. But there are still enough blue flowers I can put there to make it a true blue bed!