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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

2017 Challenge Week 28

Oh no! I'm late again. I seem to be the only person posting anyway, at the moment, but I know some people who are also regular posters have various upheavals in their off-line life, and also holidays etc. and so I am happy to keep posting prompts in case anyone is looking for inspiration!

The word for this week is DETAIL.


I'm always checking for the prompts, and then look for fills, but as it looks I've become an "occasional catch-up-poster" here, ;o) since it always takes me a while to actually upload, and then post the pics.
Maybe some among us also need time to find new photo hosting services, due to the photobucket unpleasantness?

Edited at 2017-07-12 09:15 pm (UTC)
Your posts are always welcome!

I just use LJ scrapbook to post here, usually, so it only takes me about half a minute at most.

I have some of the pictures, that I share outside LJ, on Flickr and it is pretty good.

Photobucket had already become more difficult to use, I think, and I can't see it surviving this current debacle.
I'm having a photobucket account where I kept a few pics for challenges years ago, and a few banners I made. But I never felt happy with hosting my own photos on some common, big service, so I'm hosting them on my own site. I'm actually keeping my own domains mostly for this purpose these days, although I started out with having them for various websites and forums.
I doubt I'll be a participant again until I've sorted out where I can host pics and share them to LJ. Although I should check my phone just in case LJ is a possibility....

And the answer is no - but I can send it Dropbox, so as soon as I figure out how to use that to post other places....

Edited at 2017-07-13 12:03 am (UTC)
Yes, I think this is a problem for a few people. I usually just use LJ's scrapbook here.

My phone automatically updates my cloud storage on one-drive when I take pictures with it, so I can just access them straight away from the computer with no problem; I don't bother using LJ on my phone. I also have my Whatsapp on my laptop so if D-d sends me pictures from her phone that way I can just save them and put them onto Scrapbook as well.

But, apart from some older stuff on Photobucket, which is a damned nuisance, I use Flickr a lot - I have never caught up with anything newer!
I only got PB in order to post banners, awards on fics at LJ. Anything else, was well after I'd been doing it for awhile (photoscavenger, for example) and when I'd stopped worrying about being recognized in RL, so those photos I already have both in the cloud and on my laptop (and some on FB).
My husband has explored a lot of options because of his photography, but I've never had any need to do that. I guess if I want to post on LJ now, I'll have to find another option. I don't know what Scrapbook is, but if it's LJ what are chances they won't kidnap my stuff again? :)
Scrapbook is the internal LJ system - where the little 'picture' icon is when you post. I use it for most of my picture posts unless I've already got the pics on Flickr.

I think there was a point a couple of years ago when it didn't work for a couple of days, but the pictures all remained there and it worked again pretty quickly.
Aha - I found it and created an album for banners. I guess that takes care of my worries about posting fics with banners on here. Won't help for the archives, but don't often put banners on them anyway. I usually do BSV because I know how and it's easy (or was). EF will be easy if it's a banner made by someone there because they'll know how to do it. :)
And look how easy it will be to post here now :P
Indeed. *goes off to look for "detail".