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A handful of prompts

Again I missed a handful of prompts, but now I can fill them with pics from our recent trip to Fennoscandinavia.

Wood: A wooden imitation of a Sami lávvu, the traditional tent this people used when moving around. Here, on a small camping site in Northern Sweden, it's used as a conference building, with entrance hall and adjacent kitchen.

Grass: I love the grass with coats on of the tundra region. Cotton grass on Magerøya, Norway.

Flight: Birds in flight in the middle of the night; this is the midnight sun at Lofotes, Norway. Or rather a day or two after the full midnight sun, as it was dipping below the horizon, but just partly and for half an hour or so. I wonder what the birds make of this neverending day and how they adapt to it.

Detail: At the Lofotr Viking museum on Lofotes, Norway; the museum is a reconctrustion of the largest viking longhouses ever found. It's also the most complex and complete reconstruction I've ever seen and just plain awesome. There was a lovingly embroidered wall hanging where I took a detail shot as I found it so cute:

The cat is after the birds... *g*

Sweet: A "cake shop" or something of the kind in Malmö, Sweden; they had the most awesomely decorated cakes on display there. These look to me as if it couldn't get any sweeter.

Wet: somewhere in Sweden on our way home, driving from rainstorm to rainstorm and feeling as if driving trhough a car wash - for hours.

Colourful: in a hostel in Berlevåg in East Finnmark I saw this runner on the common room table. It's handmade and decorated with the flags of all the guest who've visited, a  lovely idea.
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