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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

2017 Challenge Week 36

Another colour prompt for this week. This one made me a bit sad - not only because it is blue, but I realised that when we used it over 4 years ago there were over a dozen pictures posted.


I'm sorry to hear this, but it's obvious that everything has become a bit quiet. Some people might have migrated to DW, of course. But perhaps it would also be a good idea to signal boost the community a bit?
You are quite right - I think I will post suggesting everyone gives a bit of a signal boost on their journals, or in communities that might be relevant.
Hi - and yes, I am trying to get back to things.

btw, if you want a gap from ideas, do let me know ... I am a member of Photocrowd, and they have loads of comps
Oh please - I would appreciate a break - perhaps we could take it month and month about? What do you think?
That sounds fine .... just let me know when, and whether I need additional posting access to add tags, etc
I think it is possible even if not an admin, but I will add you just to be sure.
Could you do October, then I'll do November, and so on?
OK - is it a Monday start, I can't remember
Usually Monday, although I've slipped a bit recently :(
That's fine - will start this October 2nd
Brilliant! Thank you.
I have gotten so far behind on all things Livejournal. The last few months have been rather hectic and it became very easy to just not check in here at all (especially when my only access was from my home). I'm rather glad to see this community still going... I'll have to work on getting caught up!